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Day 2-NFL Draft-What do Da Bears need

Posted on: April 27, 2008 2:44 am

Needs-Quarterback, wide receiver, offensive line, defense

Round 3 we have two picks.  Do you go get J D Booty or do you wait one more round and go after Andre Woodson/Dennis Dixon/Josh Johnson?  Do you pick Mario Manningham WR who was not picked yet?   How about DT Pat Sims of Auburn or DE Cliff Avril of Purdue?

Rounds 4-6, one pick each round.  The Bears seem to always pick a wide receiver or defensive back that you've never heard of but they end up contributing.  Knock Lovie all you want but he seems to  do well finding defensive talent late,

Round 7- four late picks-  I  would hope the Bears would package some of these picks and move back up into the fourth round at least and get a player of substance.  But still more may be better.  I'd like to see them draft J Leman who would fit their defensive scheme or even Justin Harrison DB from Illinois who hits like a truck.  It would be nice to see someone in the secondary who scares the hell out of people like Doug Plank  was able to,

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